Monday, 1 June 2015

“I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life. Hosted by Positive Writer.”

Step out and feel...

Writing something is like exploring a new world.  Something like opening your garage door.  
Often it is something which can not utterly be said in a proper way other than on paper.  When your mouth feels dry and you have zero to say, you can resolve to your best friend in writing- the keyboard.  
Step out and feel...
Like your feet walking, touring, exploring and ending in new places in a foreign country.  Sure you get lost.  A lot!  But then finding a familiar landmark after a while, or never, gives you that opportunity to find something new.
  Your garage door is opening.  For some it is a real frightening experience.  Clutter, stuff, broken and unfinished tasks, or a box with bad memories.  But then some good can come out of it too..  And so the same with writing.

A box of good memories, a lost paint brush you looked HOW many times for.  Wow, here's all my memorablia! and my grade 1 "little book" I wrote.  All that can be a new story.  Oh, let me create something from that pile of wooden planks and paint.  

Then there might come a glorious day when you can repack and box everything for the big move outa here.  A place of a new vision and life. Your feet getting to someplace more refreshing.  To what you are called to be...   and that is how writing possitively and constantly influences my life.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Chinese (Mandarin) Advanced Lesson 1--Chinese Tongue Twister- 四是四 十是十

I am so glad I'm a Newbie Beginner learning Chinese- actually you are a newbie for the rest of your life- wonder if I'll ever get to this tongue twister for advanced lessons @ 80??? Any encouragement out there??

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hanna's Crafts: Hanna Snail Surviving Beijing

Hanna's Crafts: Hanna Snail Surviving Beijing: Hanna Snail had a humbl...

Hanna Snail Surviving Beijing


Hanna Snail had a humble beginning and was actually born in Beijing. Schetched line by line.  
Surrounded by noodles, Beijing duck and green tea, Beijing was and still are today, the best place Hanna Snail lived in.  Ever.
Now you might wonder.

Did you not read about the thousands of bicycles, people and feet crossing Beijing on a daily basis?  How can a local Snail like Hanna EVER survive?  Or is it daring to live life on the EDGE?
Well, if you live near a market, you'll find an abundance of food, fruit, vegetables, cherries, strawberries, hawthorn berries mmmmm.......

But an average day, may be a huge mission for a snail, in toggling and scooping between feet.  It was just on such a day that Hanna Snail saw something red lying in her path....

Monday, 21 May 2012

A great Chinese proverb...:
"The workman who would do his work well should first sharpen his tools"

I think in this case, most of us who would like to DO something handy, or are simply just BEWILDERED by everyone's ideas and magazines, need to firstly  ... FIND  your tools!!!

Well, I'm doing the finding and scratching...

see you later in a few weeks
see what you can dig up

FIND the tools

Next, what is life without COFFEE?
No, hassle, I picked this rusted lid from the desert sand and scratched on it!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The way out of your this space...

Hi, welcome to my blog!!

Keep watching this space....

For thought.. WHAT IS IN YOUR GARAGE???

See you soon,