Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hanna Snail Surviving Beijing


Hanna Snail had a humble beginning and was actually born in Beijing. Schetched line by line.  
Surrounded by noodles, Beijing duck and green tea, Beijing was and still are today, the best place Hanna Snail lived in.  Ever.
Now you might wonder.

Did you not read about the thousands of bicycles, people and feet crossing Beijing on a daily basis?  How can a local Snail like Hanna EVER survive?  Or is it daring to live life on the EDGE?
Well, if you live near a market, you'll find an abundance of food, fruit, vegetables, cherries, strawberries, hawthorn berries mmmmm.......

But an average day, may be a huge mission for a snail, in toggling and scooping between feet.  It was just on such a day that Hanna Snail saw something red lying in her path....

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