Monday, 1 June 2015

“I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life. Hosted by Positive Writer.”

Step out and feel...

Writing something is like exploring a new world.  Something like opening your garage door.  
Often it is something which can not utterly be said in a proper way other than on paper.  When your mouth feels dry and you have zero to say, you can resolve to your best friend in writing- the keyboard.  
Step out and feel...
Like your feet walking, touring, exploring and ending in new places in a foreign country.  Sure you get lost.  A lot!  But then finding a familiar landmark after a while, or never, gives you that opportunity to find something new.
  Your garage door is opening.  For some it is a real frightening experience.  Clutter, stuff, broken and unfinished tasks, or a box with bad memories.  But then some good can come out of it too..  And so the same with writing.

A box of good memories, a lost paint brush you looked HOW many times for.  Wow, here's all my memorablia! and my grade 1 "little book" I wrote.  All that can be a new story.  Oh, let me create something from that pile of wooden planks and paint.  

Then there might come a glorious day when you can repack and box everything for the big move outa here.  A place of a new vision and life. Your feet getting to someplace more refreshing.  To what you are called to be...   and that is how writing possitively and constantly influences my life.

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